Introducing 'Instagram Reels'

Step aside Tik Tok, there's a new kid on the block and their name is 'Instagram Reels'. 


Instagram launches Reels in over 50 countries.

Well to be clear, Reels has been around for almost a year now but only available in specific countries. However, as countries talk about banning the popular platform Tik Tok due to its connections within China and potentially sharing user information - Instagram saw its opportunity and *bam*... IT IS HERE.

Earlier than expected but last week it dropped here in Australia and already people are going crazy for it. To be honest I am not at all surprised!

What are 'Reels'?

Reels are video clips, no longer than 15 seconds.
This encourage users to get creative and share unique content that engages audience within the time limit.
You are able to add music, effects, text, stickers, filters... a lot of creative potential.
With the addition of Reels, you will also find a new tab on your profile after posting your first video. This is specifically for your Reels.

How do I make a Reel?

Whilst there is endless potential on what you can create and do within a reel,
to create one:
  1. Go to your Instagram camera as if you were going to create a story. (You'll see the layout looks a little different.)
  2. Down the bottom, slide to the right, to Reels. 
  3. Here you can shoot, upload and edit your Reels before posting them to your story or feed. 

Why should I be using Reels? 

Reels is Instagram's new baby. They have only just launched it here in Australia and obviously they want to take good care of it, to ensure it is a success.

Therefore, Instagram will be prioritising Reels. You will be able to potentially reach a wider audience and more accounts if you start using Reels, now.
It's like anything new in the world of social media, if you can properly utilise the feature or platform before *everyone* else gets on the bandwagon, you have more potential for growth and to succeed within it. 

Once reading this blog, (if you haven't already - go and watch our latest IGTV which will give you a tour and show you how to create and maximise your potential on Reels).

I have doubt you'll have questions so feel free to ask away in the comments below.

Until next time,

Alisha from The Social Impact x

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