(Covid-19) People are at home and online shopping - IS YOUR BUSINESS TRADING ONLINE? If not let’s make it happen!



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DON'T pay thousands of dollars for a website!

We can't tell you how much this pains us (!!) when we hear of people paying $4k, $6k, etc for a basic website which they are also then charged a monthly "hosting" fee for, and are unable to make any changes/updates to the website without incurring more costs! If this is you please let us help you! 

Book us direct for a website build, or consider booking us for a Full Day of Private Mentoring where we can work on a website for your business with you, in addition to also mentoring you whilst strategising, refining or expanding your business/idea and putting you on the path to success. 

  • Don't get fooled by expensive monthly "management" and "hosting" costs
  • Let us create your own self managed website/online store for a FRACTION of what you would usually pay elsewhere
  • Easy to use for any level of competence
  • Manage the website from your phone and get real time sales notifications!
  • Update in real time with no extra costs
  • Make the changes you need as you need them
  • Following the website build we offer a 1 hour training session on your beautiful new website in person or via Skype. You’ll know how to do EVERYTHING on your own :)

See photos for some of the websites we've created in a matter of hours!!!! 

What's included:
- Home Page (Images, info banners, client testimonials, announcement banner)
- About Us
- Contact Form (incoming enquiries linked to your email address)
- In-built SEO

Product Collections/Groups
- Shop (Up to 10 products)
- Pricing, variants (dropdown of choices), images
- Shipping rates at checkout (For up to 10 products) 

- Notes at checkout or gift card text at checkout

- linking of social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Pinterest

Booking us for a website build means:

We will train you on the use of your new website, but, you will be required to do some work learning how to use your website, uploading new products and changing information on pages etc.

We will supply you with helpful tools and links to empower you to manage your own website! 

By not relying on others once your website is live - enables you to make any and all real time changes as you need to.

...and of course we are always here to help when you need some guidance and help! 

What's not included: 

Standard monthly hosting and domain costs (if applicable)

* a basic Shopify plan is approximately $29 USD a month.

Additional apps that you may want to add to your website for enhanced functionality are also available, we can show you how to add them.